Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower engineering is converting the energy of water into electricity using a custom-designed system (according to the specific location) with multi-disciplinary engineering skills. We designed our first International small hydropower project named “Mpanga” in Uganda in 2008 and since then we have designed more than twenty international hydropower projects and the number of projects designed locally back home in Sri Lanka exceeds twenty-five.

The key services provided under this sector are,

  • Identification of potential locations for hydropower development
  • Determination of optimum installed capacity for identified locations by conducting hydrological, topographical, geological surveys and energy studies
  • Determination of best suited locations for key hydraulic structures such as weir, Intake, Desilt tank, surge tank, forebay tank, spillways, penstock path, powerhouse etc
  • Designing of water way hydraulics in compliance with industrial standard practices considering both hydraulic losses and economic aspects
  • Selecting the most suitable turbine combination that gives maximum efficiency/annual energy output with due emphasis on ROI as desired by the investors
  • Introducing innovative designs where standard methods are not technically and economically viable