Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic engineering is the science of water in motion and the interactions between the flowing fluid and the surrounding environment. Hydraulic engineering principles are basically with the application of the basic principles of fluid mechanics to open channel flows and real fluid flow hydrodynamics. VSC has proven competency in different hydraulic design sub disciplinaries like pipe flow, channel flow, river flow, flood hydraulics and many more. Ideally, the hydraulic conveying systems should be designed to maintain the required discharge with optimum head losses.

Hydraulic behavior of structures could be complex and challenging to analyze manually. The conventional physical modeling methods could impose different issues with respect to scaling. Hence, to improve the precision we use the latest hydraulic modeling called, “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” to analyze and visualize complex fluid behaviors with a higher degree of accuracy.

Our Team of Engineers create complete hydraulic designs by adapting to the latest technologies and following different international standards to best suit the requirements of Clients.