Geotechnical Design

Importance of due consideration of geotechnical aspects in designing a project can not be over emphasized as the performance and the design life of the project largely depend on it. VSC has a wide range of experience working in extremely challenging physical terrain with complex underlying ground conditions.

Our currently engaged projects in East African region encounter sections of highly geotechnically challenging ground conditions where VSC as designer has to deliver constructable design solutions acceptable to all technical parties involved.

As a leading firm, we offer comprehensive geotechnical consultancy services ranging from feasibility studies, geotechnical design up to construction supervision. We work closely with other disciplines such as structural, hydraulic and hydropower engineering professionals, together with land specialists on a broad range of geotechnical engineering services. At VSC we pride ourselves on the ability to offer practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions at challenging terrains. Our team of geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and civil engineers have a wealth of experience in different industry segments which ensures greater reliability on all parameters. We offer the following geotechnical consultancy services,

  • Design specification and interpretation of geotechnical investigations
  • Engineering geology and geomorphology
  • Rock and soil slope stability
  • Foundations and substructures
  • Basement and earth retaining structures
  • Geotechnical processes and ground improvement
  • Earthworks engineering and land reclamation
  • Temporary works and dewatering