Engineering Consultation

We offer our expertise & experience to project developers in terms of engineering consultation during various stages of the project lifecycle ranging from preliminary design, detailed design, pre-construction stage and construction stage. We provide an overall consultation to design and construction projects while extending special services to our area of expertise, Hydropower Projects, with cutting edge technology gained through years of experience that is limited elsewhere in the industry. Forged with the knowledge gained by completing numerous challenging yet successful projects, VSC possesses a vast range of engineering ideas, innovative techniques and strategic planning in completing any project with utmost ease while guiding the Contractors in the right path to achieve the desired result.

Consulting services provided are,

  • Consulting in Feasibility studies
  • Consulting in Hydropower engineering
  • Consulting in Architectural design
  • Consulting in Civil and structural design
  • Consulting in Hydraulic design
  • Consulting in Geotechnical design
  • Consulting in Project management
  • Consulting in Cost estimation