Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies A feasibility study is a significant part of projects as it…

Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower Engineering Hydropower engineering is converting the energy of water into electricity using…

Architectural and Interior Design

Architectural Design Architecture is more than symbolic. Artfulness is derived from purpose and…

Civil & Structural Engineering

Taking all of relevant factors of a project in to account, we ascertain whether the project is likely to succeed in the first place

Hydraulic Engineering

We carry out investigations and consultancy in the fields of soil mechanics, engineering geology and foundation designs

Geotechnical Engineering

We use state of art software-based analysis and computer aided design approach for economical and safe designs

Engineering Consultation

We provide innovative and competitive engineering consultancy services to inspire sustainable communities.

Project Management

We manage contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance while reducing financial risk.

Cost Consultancy

With state of art equipment and software, we offer topographical surveying, engineering surveying and hydrographic surveying.