The Description

Nyamugasani-1 small hydropower project is of the installed capacity of 15.0MW with a gross head of 331.7m and of design flow rate of 6.0m3/s. The project uses the waters of the Nyamugasani river originated at the mount Rwenzori in south western Uganda flowing down to lake Edward. The project is located between the lower slopes of mount Rwenzori and the plane further below around lake Edward. The elevations of the project area range from 1675.0amsl at weir and 1343.0amsl at the powerhouse. The section of the river valley within the upper half of the project corridor is a deep valley and specifically the upper head race section formed up of highly weathered and closely jointed steep rock embankment and with some places within waterway alignment covered with Talus deposits. This situation posed a challenge in conceptualizing the waterway alignment on the left bank within the first 100m from the weir though the rest of the alignment of water way is well placed on the left bank economically and conveniently. The project’s conceptual layout thus had to be located partly on the right bank for first 100m and then on the left bank with a river crossing bridge and a siphon pipe after that in order to arrive at an elevation to join the general open channel.

Project Summary

Location: Uganda
Developer: Rwenzori Hydro (Pvt) Ltd
Scope: Geotechnical, hydraulic and structural design
Capacity: 15.0 MW
Project Status: Completed